Saudi Aid Agency keeps up Global Relief Operations

Saudi Aid Agency keeps up Global Relief Operations

The Noor Saudi Volunteer Program in Kabul, Afghanistan, was just finished by the Saudi humanitarian organization KSrelief in association with the Al-Basar International Foundation.

The Saudi Press Agency said on Monday that as part of the program, KSrelief’s eye health team assessed 4,500 people in a single week, gave 1,008 pairs of spectacles, gave medication to 5,600 patients, and performed 408 eye procedures.

In an effort to battle blindness and its causes, the center is also running the same program in the province of Herat, which will conclude on June 4.

KSrelief helped 5,721 earthquake victims in Sarmada, Idlib province, Syria, by distributing 949 food baskets and hygiene kits.

In the meantime, KSrelief helped 1,071 persons in need by distributing 63 tonnes of food to the regions of Buraiqah and Sheikh Othman in Yemen.

Additionally, KSrelief started a volunteer program in N’Djamena, Chad, which trains women in computer maintenance, sewing, embroidery, and cooking, empowering them.

With 270 women expected to profit from the project by June 4, it is consistent with Saudi Arabia’s commitment to bolstering women’s livelihoods.

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