For Pilgrims, the Saudi Transport Authority has Prepared 27,000 Buses

For Pilgrims, the Saudi Transport Authority has Prepared 27,000 Buses

The Hajj taking place this year will see nearly 27,000 busses transport pilgrims around the sacred sites, according to confirmation from Saudi Arabia’s Transport General Authority.

According to the administration, more than 3,500 buses with 16 routes and 11 stops and stations would carry pilgrims to and from the Grand Mosque.

Additionally, 355 buses were allotted by the administration for transportation in Makkah, while 27 buses were assigned to Madinah.

In order to preserve a comfortable travel atmosphere, passengers were asked to follow certain guidelines. These guidelines included refraining from eating or smoking in locations that weren’t designated and not talking loudly on their phones while on the road, as this could disturb other passengers.

For trips lasting longer than three hours, the authority will also reimburse passengers in the event that a bus is delayed for more than an hour.

When that occurs, passengers will receive information on how to file complaints and concerns, as well as complimentary food and refreshments.

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